Ring Doorbell Pro Review

Ring Doorbell Pro Review

My friend John has always wanted a camera that would show him everything happening at his front door. We know him as the busy guy, ideal corporate person. He is well over 30 years, stays at work till late and gets at least a couple of parcels a day dropped at his porch, some of the parcels damaged. When he is home, he is busy with the office work he carries home, preparing his dinner or just too tired to walk to the door every time his doorbell rings.

He relies on me for new home automation gadgets and has since used a couple of outdoor cameras and a few best smart doorbells upon my recommendation. Of course after researching and testing them for weeks, or sometimes months. I was satisfied with the new Ring doorbell pro after just six weeks of use and John ordered this device after I shared with him the results of my tests and experience.ring-doorbell-pro

One month later, he claims that the Ring pro will not be beaten anytime soon. In this Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review, I will share with you part of the results of my tests and experience with this device.

How It Works

Understanding how the Ring pro works are pretty easy. The standard ring video doorbell shares a similar concept except that the pro is much faster and more efficient due to its advanced features and specifications. As also highlighted by other Ring pro reviews, this device more effective, reliable and clearer.

The following steps will make you understand the entire concept;

  1. A signal is generated when your doorbell is pressed or the activation of the motion sensors upon detection of any activity in your property.
  2. The resultant signal goes to your WiFi router WiFi router
  3. The WiFi router redirects the signal to the Ring cloud servers.
  4. Cloud servers relay the signal through the Ring app to your smartphone, tablet or computer by your mobile and WiFi networks
  5. The Ring app sends you a notification and an instant alert with options to receive or ignore the call.
  6. Video footages will also be recorded and stored on the optional cloud storage
  7. Receiving the call enables you to see and speak to whoever is at your door. Amazingly, only you can see them, and they can never know whether you are home or out. With this concept, you can scare away intruders by simply telling them that you are too busy to talk to them and their persistence will make you call the police when in a real sense you are miles away from home.

The Ring Pro Set Up and Installation

Many people have in the past bought smart doorbells, and instead of having them installed and put to good use, they have been left on shelves gathering thick layers of dust while many others have had to incur additional expenses in installation. Some smart doorbells are complicated and difficult to install, but in many cases, the assumption that most home automation products require tech geeks make people reluctant to buy or install these essential devices.

Since the Ring video pro comes with all installation tools, accessories, and a users manual, there is no chance that you will go wrong with its installation. You do not need to outsource additional tools or professional technical services as the device is easy to self-install.

These are the items contained in the package;

  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • One Screwdriver
  • Four stunningly beautiful Interchangeable faceplates of different colors
  • Optional wiring and connectors for those who do not have an initial doorbell wiring
  • A single Drill Bit
  • Pro Power Kit
  • Screws & Anchors for installation
  • A Quick Setup s Guide

Having confirmed the availability of installation tools and accessories, all you need to do is follow these steps;

If you had an ordinary wired doorbell, remove it. If you did not have any, identify a power source and do a simple wiring to the location where you intend to mount your new pro doorbell.

Drill four holes on the wall and mount the plate with the power wires pulled through.

The device has only two wires which you need to connect to the wiring from your external power source.

Connect the included Pro Power Pack item which comes with the device and position it correctly inside the device without interfering with the chimes. The power kit is helpful in ensuring that the pro doorbell gets enough power to function correctly.

Once both the device and the power kit are fully wired, the pro video doorbell will show up as one of the WiFi hotspots for connection to your smartphone.

Fit over a faceplate of your choice and drive in the two security screws from the bottom.

Download and install the Ring app.

Configure and customize the smart doorbell with your phone through the app. To set up the device, you will need to enter a few details such as your first and last names, email address, a password of your choice and your location.

Your app is fully set up and ready for use.

In case you have any compatible devices, connect them to the device via the Ring app.

Does this require any technical wiring skills? The Ring™ ensures that set up and installation is a simple and straightforward procedure hence no one goes wrong irrespective of your wiring ability and experience with smart gadgets.

Features and Specifications

The Ring Pro has a striking combination of magnificent features. As John says, these features put the pro doorbell high above its competitors. Let us discuss the features in this ring pro doorbell review;

  1. Interchangeable Faceplates

Aesthetically, the availability of interchangeable faceplates is one of the unrivaled features that makes Ring doorbell pro exemplary. Unlike most doorbells which come in single solid colors, the ring Pro gives you the option to freely change the outlook of the device whenever you like. You, therefore, have the opportunity to match the device with the color scheme of your home every time you change your exterior decor or whenever you want the doorbell to look different.

The four different faceplates have different colors hence you do not have to pick a single color and stick to it forever. This is impressive, right?

  1. Motion Detection

It is very unlikely for intruders or burglars to press the doorbell. However, the motion detection feature of this device ensures that you receive instant alerts on your phone when the motion sensors detect movement on your entryway, porch or doorstep. Any unusual movements activate the sensors to trigger instant alerts on your mobile phone.

Interestingly, you can focus motion detection to specific areas by customizing motion sensitivity. This is achieved by drawing variety of shapes from the view of your phone camera for more accuracy and flexibility. This is amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Night Vision

Even with dark settings and lowlights that are a characteristic of front doors and porches, the Ring Pro gives you the luxury of a clear vision deep in the night. This feature is enabled by the strong variety of infrared LEDs that are built into the device. When your doorbell rings in the dark of the night, would you just open your door without knowing who the person is? OK, that among other reasons should make the importance of this feature dawn on you.

  1. Cloud Video Recording

This feature, though optional, expands the freedom and the amount of security that comes with the device. It gives you the ability to access, view and download your video activity for up to six months. This is an important feature especially for those who would want to share Ring videos with neighbors, friends and law enforcement officers. This, however, costs $ 30 annually or $3 per month.

  1. Superb Video Quality

The video quality offered by this device is far much superior to the original Ring doorbell. In fact, all Ring pro reviews rate it as one of the best among the top brands in the market. It boasts of a massive 160 degrees field of view which offers enough coverage for viewing most of the essential areas in your property. A state of the art 1080p HD camera captures the videos which are transmitted to your phone via your WiFi network. Moreover, the device WiFi router is compatible to both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz which is not only superior but also faster.

  1. Audio Quality

It is possible to have a reliable two-way conversation with whoever is at your door. While you will be using your phone’s mouthpiece and speakers to talk and listen, a small integrated multidirectional microphone and built-in speakers on the device enable an effective conversation. Avoid possible communication distortion by employing the effective noise-cancellation feature that comes in handy.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install, set up and use
  • Ultra modern design
  • HD video and audio quality
  • Improved WiFi connection
  • No delays
  • Works well with Android, iOS and Windows 10
  • Free VIP customer service


  • Too sensitive motion sensors may send falls alerts particularly of passing cars and animals
  • No built-in battery like its predecessor.


In this Ring Pro review, I have only talked about the most obvious and exciting features of the doorbell. However, any experience with this device will make you realize that the Video Pro is not your ordinary doorbell. The high-end smart doorbell gives you the convenience to monitor your property from anywhere.

Putting in consideration the exciting features such as HD video and audio quality, advanced motion detection and motion zoning, cloud storage, clear night vision and an ultramodern design, what extra qualities would you want in a smart doorbell? Admittedly, with the advancements in the tech industry, the Ring™ are constantly improving this device through continuous Ring app updates, but even as it is, the doorbell remains a classic home automation product.


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